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Webinar: Keeping Your Employees Engaged During a Remote Environment and Cybersecurity Must Knows

In these challenging times keeping our small business community informed and educated on subject matters that are pertinent becomes more critical.

Monica Coburn, President of Nevada Business Advisors is hosting part four of their webinar series titled

“Navigating Your Business: Keeping Your Workforce Engaged and Productive and Cybersecurity Must Knows in a Remote Environment”

Our guest Presenter is Dida Clifton, CEO and Founder of The Office Squad.
She will present on: “Staying Connected: How to Stay Engaged with Your Remote Workforce”

Every human has basic needs, staying connected especially in times like these becomes even more vital.
Below are the four needs that will be discussed:
– Physical (Renewal)
– Emotional (Value)
– Mental (Focus)
– Spiritual (Purpose)

Additional guest Presenter is Sean Connery of Orbis Solutions, Inc.
Sean Connery is a two-time best selling author, international speaker and a
Co-Founder and President of Orbis Solutions and ITIS Compliance.

He will present on “What Every Business Needs to Know about Cybersecurity
During This Pandemic (Risks, Tips, Prevention)”
The following points will be discussed:

– Employees working remotely and what to be aware of
– Phishing Scams
– Data Access – Is Your Business Protected?
– Action Plan for Businesses

The webinar is sponsored by US Bank.

Registration is required when viewing the webinar recording.


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