Wed, Sep 23, 2020 8:30AM – 10:00 AMPST

Doing Business with Amazon

Nevada Business Advisors is proud to present our inaugural Masterclass focused on Scaling Your Business Using Amazon. It’s no secret that Amazon is a GOLIATH in the retail sector and with the holiday season fast approaching, this Goliath status is amplified.

There are companies of all sizes and different industries that sell on Amazon, whether a solopreneur or multi million dollar companies that strategically use Amazon as part of their distribution channel. Whether your company sells widgets or name brand merchandise, there is a science behind the Amazon curtain. According to a recent Google survey focused on retail trends, more consumers and businesses are doing their shopping online instead of a brick and mortar location.

This Masterclass will feature a special guest expert that eats, sleeps and breathes Amazon and will share “behind the scenes” insight including tips and tricks to be aware of.

Tues, September 29th 8:30am PST

Are you Ready to Apply for PPP Forgiveness? STOP!

Before you apply for PPP forgiveness, are you prepared and do you know what your bank or lender will require? In this webinar, Monica Coburn, Managing Director of Nevada Business Advisors will share tips and updates of what every business who has received PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) should know.

Registration is required and attendance will be limited.

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PPP Forgiveness-Fact vs. Fiction and What To Prepare For?

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Learn How to Do Business with WalMart.

This is a premium webinar offering available to existing clients of Nevada Business Advisors only. If you are not an existing client and are interested in registering, please note that this is being offered on a limited basis for a nominal cost. For more information, please email

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The Main Street Lending Program

What is it? Would my business qualify?

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