Frequently Asked Questions

As business advisors, we are presented with many questions about our services.

These are frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

A business advisor, consultant or coach brings an outside perspective to a business such as:
  • Providing expertise in a specific market
  • Identifying problems
  • Supplementing existing staff
  • Initiating change
  • Providing objectivity
  • Teaching and training employees
  • Identifying cost saving measures
  • Identifying potential revenue streams

Studies have shown that when businesses use an advisor, consultant or coach, a business is more successful.   Success can mean higher revenues, higher margins, more streamlined operations, etc.

The cost for services depends on the client’s business need or needs.  Our services can be project based, for example, a business may be interested in pursuing certification or certifications for their business.  This is an example of a project and the cost for services can range depending on the number of certifications and the amount of work the business needs help with.
Businesses may need ongoing services of an advisor.  This can be a flat monthly fee based on a set number of hours for a certain period of time or an hourly rate if this is the client’s preferred method.
Depending on the need, Nevada Business Advisors will customize a proposal within 72 hours for review.
No, we do not provide either.  However, we can make connections to both business attorneys and CPAs that we work with.
No, however, we can make connections to bookkeeping firms that we have relationships with.
YES! We offer an initial consultation at no cost.   The consultation can be focused on a particular topic or if there are questions a business may need guidance with.
YES! While we are based in Nevada, we have clients throughout the U.S. such as Hawaii, California, Florida and New York for example.

No, we assist businesses in various industries.  Our client industries are diverse including food and beverage, health and beauty, professional services, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and travel, e-commerce, etc.  There are firms and industries that we do not work with such as publicly traded companies, companies with foreign ownership and more.

YES! All of our services can be for either for profit or non profit.

The membership program offers various membership levels for businesses.  Whether you are a start up business, solo-prenuer or a business with employees, Nevada Business Advisors created a program for any level.  With membership levels ranging as low as $39 a month upwards to our Rock Star Membership of $2,997 monthly, these are set programs with specific benefits for each.   For more information, visit here.

YES! We can assist with advising and consulting to helping to create a business plan and more. Starting a business can be exciting but also overwhelming at the same time. Questions like, where do I start?  What do I do next once I have a business idea?  These are all things that Nevada Business Advisors can help with.