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Webinar: Insurance and the COVID 19 Impact

In these challenging times keeping our small business community informed and educated on subject matters that are pertinent becomes more critical.

Monica Coburn, President of Nevada Business Advisors is hosting part two of their webinar series titled Navigating
Your Business in Difficult Times: What Every Business Needs to Know About Insurance and How does COVID-19
affect your insurance coverage?

As businesses have closed their doors temporarily, shifted their business operations, laid off employees and more,
insurance is affected for both businesses and for employees.

The guest Presenters will include George Richardson of Assurance Ltd. who will present on:
How is COVID-19 affecting employee benefits offered through an employer?

What help can employers provide that don’t offer benefits?

What are the best medical options for my employees at this time?

What insurance options are currently available to staff that are laid off or furloughed?

Will this change the way companies offer and administer benefits?

Rena Trodick, Commercial Sales Executive with Branch Benefit Consultants will present on:
What about insurance costs?

Does Business Income policy respond if a business shuts down because of the coronavirus?

What happens if the government requires the business to close?

How to keep your workers comp policy active without losing coverage if there is no payroll?

What about work comp claims for an essential business?

For businesses that have shifted to food delivery, should I be doing something differently?

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